SoCal: 2018 Toys 4 Tots Toy Drive & Campout


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But if you really want death by chocolate, we could always ice it in a fudge buttercream, for a Quintuple Chocolate Cake.
Does this come in a I-V bag? TKO would be just fine.


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I think I’ll bring my infamous jalapeño brownies.
We may have to get creative due to a work trip. If I make brownies, it’ll have to be tomorrow night since I leave for SF Tuesday then go straight to T4T when I get back. If I get time while packing for camping and packing for work tomorrow night I’ll make the brownies. Otherwise, I’ll have to get creative for the dessert share.
I'm very sorry, but I'll will be temporarily deverting my toy focus on the 500 households that lost everything in the Woolsey Fire. I'm putting together a toys for fire victims toy drive and a BBQ Lunch or Pancake breakfast for them. I'm still working on a name , event location and food type. The Fire and the possibility of mudslides this week is keeping us busy and I'm running out of time. I'll try to send my son down with some toys for your event too.
Sorry to miss your event this year and I'll see you next year.
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