Saw a cool Jeep for sale today...


This 'U.S. Army' Jeep is for sale, I saw it parked where folks could see it and decided to circle around and get some shots... mainly because I was in the USA INF, lol. And yes, I realize that the Aaaaaarrrghmy does NOT really have Jeeps like this, troops can only dream about one, but WTF, I thought maybe one of youse heroes might actually be interested, which is why I went to the trouble of photographing the info sheet, even though my foot is still hurting. It's not a bad-looking rig, I'd buy it today if I had the money, or if I win the friggin' lottery this weekend I'll add it to the toy collection, solely upon the strength of the 'U.S. Army' stickers, lol. Anyway, here ya go, and don't say I never do y'all any favors... I'll leave it to y'all to determine if it's a fair price, I'm not up on such matters where Jeeps are concerned. o_O

IMG_8066.JPG IMG_8068.JPG IMG_8067.JPG IMG_8071.JPG IMG_8072.JPG IMG_8073.JPG IMG_8077.JPG

The Jeep is parked on the east side of Benson, across from the old 'HI-WO Grocery' building site... last shot shows the afternoon sun on the crags right as I got home, not the clearest pic but some o' those crags are hundreds & hundreds of feet high, lol. CHEERS!!! :rolleyes:

Edit: Forgot to mention the classic sticker up top on the windshield... "If You Can Read This Roll Me Over!!!" :D

Edit #2: I'm also thinking that in true Elmer Fudd fashion, that wall mural should read "HI WO Gwocewy!" LOL. :cool:

Edit #3: "Dwy Goods-Wholesale-Wetail!" :oops:
TJ’s are the best! It’s amazing how well they hold there value. I will see one for sale for what I think is a steep price and then it’s gone and sold for asking price!
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