Saving images from here doesnt work the same now?

Just tried saving an image, it doesnt respond with the same choices, and tried to save it as an entire page I believe. Is there a way to change that back to the previous format as faar as saving images?
I'm not exactly sure what you're asking.. but if you want to save a picture from here onto your computer at home.. 1st left click the image to actually view it, then right click and select "save image as" ... I hope this helps.
I stumbled upon that, but still wondered what had changed. I normally just right click any image online and it gives a number of options, open image in new tab, save image as, etc. I dont recall having the left click an image to get the right click menu to come up before.


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Images in a thread open in a gallery now so the default left click now does that.

e.g. Click on this and move your mouse into the upper right corner
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