Salton Sea Naval base

After many time of my brother bugging me to go out there I broke down and went. We stayed at Stage Coach trails camp ground only because we had a bunch of friends there camping. It's something we have done for over 25 years! Saturday bought a temperature in the morning 25 degrees. No worries as I ran the Proplex heater all night, stayed toasty warm. Sunday morning was a nice brisk 22 degrees!

So off we headed to the Naval base as we left the asphalt we were greeted with that Glamis sand, that real fine deep stuff the kind of stuff to where you just look at it and just get stuck. The Grey Menace handled that very well along with my bothers Tundra. I have to admit the place was really cool! The pier was still there but salt encrusted where the PBYs would come in at. The buildings were is different arrays of disintegration. The electrical conduits were stripped of its copper wires, It's just a creepy place to be knowing what was going on there. WE explored some bunkers and other building out there. The Navy seals come out there and practice war games out there sometimes as I picked up some machine gun clips and spent rounds to make a wind chime out of. We did a few hill climbs to where all you were able to see just the sky. We came across many trees if you want to call them that with multiple Osprey nest in them! One tree had 8 Nest! Real estate for the birds was in high demand! We did not take many pictures honestly just did not feel like it. Many dead fish littered the area. No black flies to my surprise not like last time as Richard said you could not even get out of your truck! All in all it was a pretty cool day sea.jpg sea1.jpg sea3.jpg sea3.jpg sea4.jpg sea.jpg sea1.jpg sea3.jpg sea4.jpg
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