QuickPitch En-Suite shower and privacy certain


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Yep. I discovered this a few weeks ago from ASPW's YouTube channel. Hopefully they will distribute to the States when they become available.


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I've considered making a PVC frame that mounts to the side of the camper with just a regular shower curtain in the past. The instant up style bathroom is too easy for me to reengineer something home made.
I was so excited about this product that I contacted both the east and west distributors above. Sadly, they both will not be distributing this product.

Per Adventure Ready, "unfortunately we will not be able to bring the Quick Pitch into the US due to dramatic cost increase". (12/7/17)

Just FYI for all you folks who were just as excited as I was.


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I predict someone else will knock off the idea... I remember when RTT's were made by Eazi-Awn, now CVT and the world makes exact copies it seems.


That is a pretty darn simple product. A shame they aren't distributing that here, although it can be very easily mocked up stateside and produced...and charged an arm for. I can see two legs hinge out and adjust down to give it some rigidity on windy days, just like the rollout awnings...
I ordered one today from overlandwa.com. I also verified with the South African company that he is the only US distributor. I had a tracking number within an hour.

I mention this because his website is not well designed and I wondered if it was even a legit company. However Dennis wrote back quickly and shipped within an hour, so hopefully it be ok.

Oh, hello to all.

I would love to know more about your solution for adjusting it out away from your vehicle... (parts, where sourced, etc). I assume that allows you to also easily remove it from the vehicle when not in use?
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