Overland Expo East 2015 with Exploring Elements

Overland Expo East 2015 was a muddy wet affair, but it was also an incredible gathering of the overland tribe, where many stories were shared and friends made. The second annual event, held at Taylor Ranch just outside Asheville, NC, was full of hearty souls who didn’t let a “little” rain and mud get in the way of having fun, learning and sharing, all in preparation for the next adventure, wherever it might take them. Due to steep and deep muddy fields, better known as parking areas, many day pass attendees couldn’t join in on the fun, as there was just no where for them to park at the event. Those that found other ways, like taxis or hiking in from a nearby school parking lot, were rewarded with quality time with industry vendors, in-depth roundtable discussions, expert instructional classes and lots of great tales from the road less traveled. Those that got to the event early, camped out for the weekend and purchased experience passes got a weekend full of action and a lot of personal attention, as some of the crowds just couldn’t access the site. The biggest loss for the event this year, due to the weather, was the extremely low attendance by the motorcycle crowd, and justifiably so as some nearby roads were hazardous to travel and ground tents in this much mud isn’t a whole lot of fun. Check out the photos in the EVENT post for a deeper look into the weekend of adventure and be sure to check out the OFF-ROAD ADVENTUREMOBILE and OVERLAND GEAR reports from the event as well.

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