New Years Supper

well 2020 is behind us, & it was one heck of ride, most of made it thru sanely. Some of us lost love ones, some lost jobs & businesses, some hit financial struggles. I don't know about you but it was one year that had more trials than I ever faced.
I pray that I will keep my focus where it needs to be this new year & that we’ll all have a new year blessed with joy, love, peace & happiness. As Col. Potter said in MASH "May she be a damn sight better than the old one"
Keep the faith, cast all your cares to GOD that anchor holds.
Happy New Year.

New Years supper is BBQ Herb Smoke Spatchcock Chicken w\ Alabama White Sauce & Cajun Potato Salad.
The Red Box BBQ Smoker is going, the spatchcocked chicken is laying on bed of fresh sage, rosemary, thyme, oregano & chives to infuse these herbs into the chicken. I also have a bundle of the same herbs on the coals in the firebox for that smoke flavor.

Tomorrow I leave for my friends home in Louisiana for some serious coyote hunt'n.
SAM_2882.JPG IMG_0671.JPG IMG_0673.JPG SAM_2883.JPG SAM_2884.JPG
I can get behind what Col. Potter says about most things. Here's to happier days ahead.

That's some pretty serious looking dinner and smoking setup you have there. Not a bad way to ease into 2021. New Year's traditions die hard for me, and I've had this for NYD dinner as long as I can remember.

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