New solar panel.


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My old panel took a dump, so I have the replacement panel now. Mounting holes are off by a few inches and I do not want to drill new holes in the camper shell. I was going to use Eternabond 3" tape to mount the panel and that will also take care of the holes from the last panel. Stuff is used on RV's for the same purpose fixing leaks ect. Thoughts.? I have seen Youtube videos on the stuff and looks pretty good. Also found a nice product it is an in line fuse made by Rich, plug and play between the panel and controller.



Use the eternabond primer. Helps a ton with stickage. Also use a roller and apply at warm temps. Once all those are done it is stuck on really good.

However you wont have an airgap under the panel taping it down. Not sure if thats a big deal to you or not.


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It will be mounted on plasti-corrogated sheet. It's waterproof and looks like cardboard but made from plastic. It is vented and will provide an air gap.



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Create a frame with t-slot rail that aligns both sets of holes? (and some other places) will cut, miter, and drill to your specs.

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