Meet SHERPAH, my Gladiator build...


Drone .......GONE!

There were ‘two issues I wanted to address to complete the install. Fixing the Drone between 2000 and 2500 RPM and installing some sort of heat shield on the upper pipe and first resonator that didn’t have any protection. I ended up buying two Heatshield Products from Summit Racing; the first a small flexible shield that I cut to fit around the resonator and secondly basically the same product meant for exhaust pipes. The exhaust wrap said it was for 3” exhaust but as you can see it didn’t quite go around the 2.5” pipe of our Gladiator which is fine. I just wanted to protect the LRA fuel tank and absorb the sound if possible.

I’m happy to report that when I took my wife for a 1/2 hour spin on the back roads around here she was satisfied. Yes we can still hear the exhaust at around 2000 RPM but it is by no means obnoxious.

Here are a few pictures...

26F9D10F-2163-434F-9BF9-9CEDD2F360D6.jpeg E4B42642-A099-4F72-8B3A-80821899169B.jpeg 50ABFA95-9B3A-44A3-82AE-951746A119AB.jpeg B8AF99F1-25FF-4417-A620-B824F6780C16.jpeg


Another minor upgrade.
I needed to get some mudflaps on the JTR but there weren’t many options. Rokblokz are interesting and many guys really like them but I didn’t like their design for standard tires and wheels. I’ve had Weathertech mudflaps on most of my other vehicles and when they finally came out for a set for the JTR I decided to try them on so to speak.
‘I’m happy with the fit and finish and since they are made in the USA I’ll give them a big thumbs up!

E8306688-3DBA-47B0-AE83-265DCF4A59CD.jpeg 8ECD71B6-2D9C-41C0-BA18-D8F0727FC78F.jpeg
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