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Agreed, But according to some of those other sites, photo storage sites like photobucket are now charging for image storage etc. My issue is once a site has been located which I can link images, for some odd reason that site folds or the images disappear form the post later on. I guess I'm asking, what image storage site would be best suited for the display of secure images here without using you bandwidth. But then again, One doesn't have to post images to get their point across.
Google drive is also an option. By default you get 15GB with a gmail account and there's no rule against having multiple accounts. If you think that's going to be a hassle you can get 1TB (1000GB) of data storage for $99 / year. That's what I've been using.

As mentioned there's lots of cloud storage solutions that can host your images. Amazon, Apple, etc. and in theory they can all go away and take your stuff with them. To address this concern you can pick up good, low cost, external hard drive. Most cloud storage solutions have applications that let you mirror the cloud drive on your computer. During the setup process point the local storage location to the external hard drive. Both the cloud storage and hard drive would have to fail for you to lose your stuff and if SHTF all you have to do is grab the external drive and run.

This solution also means that if you take a photo with your phone and store it on the cloud drive it will eventually make a backup copy on your external drive with no action on your part. Likewise, if you place a file on the external drive it will eventually be available to you on your phone with no action required on your part. If your cloud storage solution changes their terms of service and you don't like it you're not SOL. You can kick them to the curb and set up shop elsewhere.
As mentioned in my navigation mapping app topic area, one thing everyone is skipping over.. we're avoiding anything Google, Amazon etc. So offering any suggestions relating to Google is pointless. But thanks anyway just save your breath when suggesting anything Google related.
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