Luke's 2020 Gladiator


Easy fix: Save money on fees and ditch the satellite radio altogether.

I use Spotify and it's way better anyways, I have full control of what I listen to (music, podcasts, specific bands) and can save playlists for offline use when there is no signal, and the SOUND QUALITY is light years better than satellite radio (when music is saved on the highest fidelity setting).
That's what I have and use a vast majority of the time as well, but I still like the satellite radio every once in a while - especially to listen to live hockey games. I believe I have a 3 year free trial, and it usually ends up being super cheap when you haggle with them on the phone when they call to renew the subscription.


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Right before the Vagabond went on, I found a good deal on the Mopar Stubby Bumper on Offerup. I've always liked the look of the stubby bumpers on Jeeps, it's ready to go for a winch in the future, and it's steel. The only thing I didn't realize at the time was for for some reason, the fog lights in the stock plastic bumper don't fit in the steel Mopar factory bumper. Since I had to order new lights, I decided to go with the KC Hilites Amber Fog Lights. I am definitely happy with them, they're more than bright enough, and the amber lights help cut through the dust.

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Another thing I've added since the Vagabond was put on was Rok Blok, which was highly recommended by the guys at Vagabond to help seal out any dust coming in through the tailgate. It's essentially a rubber expansion joint that bridges the gap between the tailgate and the bed of the truck. I put it on before a trip to Coyote Flats, and it worked brilliantly. The only problem was that the 3M tape didn't stick to the Line-X bedliner for very long. I'm going to take some sand paper to it and get some sort of adhesive or epoxy to get it to stay and see how it goes.

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Thanks for pointing this out. Going to use the same on the Taco.
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