Looking for aftermarket Jeep headlights

Is there a much brighter after market headlight that can replace stock headlight? Will it will.be able to plug into the existing headlight connection?

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Please let us know what model and year Jeep you have.

Also, I changed the title of your post to define what you’re looking for.


I went with the KC over the JW Speaker. Been a while since I sold the Jeep and I can't remember why I made the choice. If you live in snowy climes these type of lights can snow/ice since the "bulbs" do not produce heat. JW makes one with a heater element to help with this problem. Not KC does, but I didn't foresee needing it where I live currently.


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I run Rigid Industries LED headlights in my Jeep. Installed a bunch in other Jeeps. In my time working at an off-road shop we had tons of JW speaker lights defective out of the box and returned as defective. Never had a set of Rigids comes back. My second pick would be KC HiLights headlights. Never had a set of those returned and they are a solid brand.

Just be mindful of your Jeep's year and if you need to get one with the ballast. My Jeep ('04) didn't need them, but many newer JK's will need the ballast (but not all, so double check).

Here's my install & review if you're interested.
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