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If I had to sell my TJ, probably a Crew Cab-Short Bed Taco, although it would be a pain to find one with a stick (one of my favorite parts about my TJ).

If I could keep the TJ, probably a Power Wagon, although a built Cummins-powered Ram would be a close second because it's hard to argue with a diesel 3/4-ton with solid axles.

So basically the same thing everyone else has said. Great minds think alike, I guess?
Got rid of my Jeep JK for a Tacoma. Would do it again in a heartbeat. I've owned F150s, Rangers, S10s, and I'm in a rental car about 200 days a year so I've driven the newest offerings from Dodge and Chevy. The Tacoma is still my favorite.
I'd go with a new Colorado or canyon with the new diesel. I like mid sized vehicles, I have no use for a full size, the fuel economy and range of the diesel is a big plus, I've traditionally been a GM guy, and I think they look pretty cool too.
I was just vehicle shopping and ended up in a JKU over a truck. I had it narrowed down to between a tacoma and JKU. I couldn't get over tacoma prices, and although JKU aren't much better, it currently better fits my wants/needs.

But, money no object? I'd still keep my JKU but love the things AEV is doing with the prospector. I'd probably get a 2500 with the cummins. But the raptor is also a very tempting prospect.
I'd go with a non diesel 4X4 that could also tow my trailer. Something like a early 2000's Chevy Avalanche with an 8.1.

Currenty have an 8.1 4X4 suburban for trailer towing.
I run a dodge 2500 cummins with a stick and 4x4 and tow a cherokee. I'm happy with both, I run in deep and switch and go deeper.
I own a 1969 C20 with a sb350 (aftermarket goodies) and th-400 with shift kit. My truck is badass and 4wd jeeps are just the best off road vic in my experience with little effort and parts. Any chevy truck with a short wheel base and 4wd would make me happy.
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We've got a '14 Ram 1500 Longhorn Limited as a tow rig and road tripper (and it's my wife's DD). HEMI, air ride, Rambox. We absolutely love it so far. There are times I miss our old Megacab 3500 diesel, but for what we use our truck for the 1500 is better all around. But it's not an off-roader; that's what our JKUHR is for.

Keeping the Jeep and adding a truck, I'd absolutely get a full size. If I was replacing the Jeep with a truck with the intent of turning it into an overlander, I'd probably go with a Tacoma. (or if money was no object I'd get an AEV Brute Double Cab with a HEMI).


I had posted earlier that I would use my 96 Dodge Ram regular cab 1500 4x4 (which I already own). Of course, I would love a new Dodge Power Wagon. And I'm keeping the Jeep.

However, I'm on a budget, and a new Power Wagon isn't in the budget anytime soon/ever. But it would be nice to have a mid-sized four-door 4x4 pick-up truck. And I would have to buy used, and I'm a bit of a gear-head so it doesn't have to be mechanically perfect to begin with.

So I would consider a late 90's to early 2000's Dodge Dakota four-door truck. You can buy them pretty cheap (~$3000 +/-). They came with a V-8, and seem pretty stout.
I like jeeps had quite a few of them from the ol' 46 flat fender to the CJ5's, not to use the "O" word but for Sally & I's adventures we like full-size vehicles for pulling our trailer. I'm only speaking for myself on this topic & what works for us. I have 2000 GMC Z71 extend cab 1500, performance built 4L60E trans, 3:73 gear ratio, mild Rancho Suspension, 265x75Rx16 Cooper Discovery AT 3's, 12,000lb winch mounted on a Warn trans4mer mount w75ft of 3\8" Master Pull Classic Snythetic Line. It's no rock crawler but it get me & the wife to our remote destinations & back home. IMO it all depends what your adventures are, the type of terrain you want to tackle & your capability are. Sally & I have been 27 miles off the main Nation Forest Dirt Roads with my truck & trailer I know what my truck, the trailers & my capibilities are for offroad travels, my recovery gear & the ability to use it.
1st of the year, I will be upgrading my winch to ComeUp 12.5 Gen2 Seal
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