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Anyone here dabble in this stuff? Looking ahead, we need to consider some e-commerce options for the site.

Looking for a simple, streamlined way to handle event registrations and event swag etc through one portal. Right now the easy button looks to be Shopify.



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I've tried WP plugins WooCommerce in safe-xtract.com.com and OSCommerce in northamericanexpiditions.com. There's a few other sites as well. The biggest issue is payment processing if you want to do something other than PayPal. To set up the Stripe Payment Gateway on one site the bank account manager may need an annual estimate of sales to set up CC processing fees. The lower the volume. The higher the percentage they take.

Occam's razor. The simplest solution is almost always the best and a lot of people have chosen Shopify so there's got to be something to their approach.

If you want to set up something like shop.americanadventurist.com and need help, let me know.
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I do some stuff through the amazon and red bubble platforms for clothing and merchandise items. Shopify is probably the easiest / best supported option for what you are looking for
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