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For the dataphiles out there, here's a great site that has a lot of good visualizations:

In particular, I like that you can see the numbers normalized by population (per-capita vs. raw count) and that you can switch between linear and log representation with the click of a button. (Some people have trouble visualizing what a log curve "means", but as the numbers start to really ramp up, it gets hard to draw huge disparities between states on the same linear scale.)


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And how is going to a bar worse than traveling by plane? Last few times I've been at the bar I've been in a large open space with a table all to myself and the only person to come near me was a waitress in a mask and gloves. On a plane you're in a confined space asses-to-elbows with everyone around you breathing recycled air. So, um, yeah, that graph doesn't add up to me.

Same with movie theaters. Very easy to social distance if you drop to 50% capacity (or even 33%) and seat people every other row and in small blocks of 2-4 seats max.

And don't get me started on swimming. You're in a giant bowl of chlorinated water. Doesn't get any more sterile than that.
Spent last week on “vacation” at an amusement park. Everyone was required to wear masks and staff were enforcing it for the most part. Hand sanitizer before every ride and sanitizer and wash stations throughout the park. Seemed safer than most any local shopping destination.

Interesting that 2 nights at a hotel is rated. Why 2? Having traveled overnight several times since the Rona hit, hotels are using every excuse possible to not provide services. Breakfast and daily room refreshes are out of the question, and check-in can be comical depending on the hotel and clerk.
I'm on my 3rd hotel room since Saturday. I've hit Gainesville, Palm Beach and now Naples. Before the week is out I'll see Venice, Sarasota and Tampa before heading back to Atlanta. In the next two weeks I'll see Oregon, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana and California.

The Covid response is still all over the board everywhere I go. Hand sanitizer, masks and limited social interaction have worked so far for me. Hoping that common sense is all it takes going forward. I'm not sure what to think of the numbers that are being reported right now.

I'm still trying to limit my air travel, but getting to Oregon will require a flight on Sunday. We'll see how that goes.

Goodnight from South Florida.

Walmart should get its own line on the graph. Starting Monday they will now require all customers to wear a mask. I am thinking of taking off work to watch. :eek:
I see a lot of companies discontinuing various services. Some of them have nothing to do with any “virus” and everything to do with money. The virus has become an excuse for companies to go lean on services to maximize profit.
I've been really (pleasantly) surprised by how my company has weathered this. The first "win" for us was that they had already made a pretty substantial investment in equipment and infrastructure - just about every employee (certainly anyone who uses a computer for work) already had a laptop (vs a desktop), plus the IT backend was already beefy enough to handle it when 95% of our workforce went mobile overnight.

By way of trying to keep the benefits appropriate, while they've obviously discontinued all the in-building beverage services, etc., they instead started dropping an extra $40/month into everyone's paycheck to offset the cost of home internet service, etc.

In contrast, my wife's employer was scrambling because literally the entire office was on ancient desktop PCs and suddenly laptops are hard to get due to the surge in demand. And she's still being asked to pay for her parking permit - despite working from home since March...
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