Biggest subaru outback you've seen

Sure I dont know what all of you have seen in your lives, but I'd be willing to bet this is one of hopefully the biggest outbacks you've seen.
2005 Subaru Outback, mostly all custom. Heavy duty shocks and springs for added weight.3" lift blocks, 30" BFGoodrich mud tires, skid plate, winch, light bar. Smittybilt awning. and lots more to come.

Pictures dont really give it much justice, but in all fairness, its got 13" of ground clearence from the center diff to the ground and 17" from the door stills to the ground. the center of the car to the ground is the big one i pride myself on. you see all these lifted trucks and jeeps way up in the air and i still can clear more opsticles then them. Not knocking anybody tho. alot of people just dont get why i lifted my subaru, and they dont need to. but i like things a bit different. and this is different.

There is alot more in store for this. My 3 yr old is really starting to ask about camping so im not going to hold him back. soon i will be building a swinging tire rack to get that tire off the roof rack and free up some space and to give me a place to mount my grill.:cool:

Working on some new rock rails.

Put this into perception a bit.



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Least amount of lift for the most amount of tire. If only it had a low range! I'm down for a game of follow the leader any time you are!:cool: That's my wife Machelle getting her some in the lead Jeep.


That is a sick build. I know I'm like 5 years late from the post but I recently purchased a 05 h6 and I would like to lift it once pick up on the pre owners slack on maintenance and get it running smooth. Your rig is almost identical to what I was imagining mine turning out. What lift kit did you use? I'm new to all this and just need a little lead way into this project.
@JGore Not my build, but Anderson Design & Fabrication is a good place to start. It's the go-to suspension for an Outback or Forester. You have to be careful how much you raise it without damaging the front CV joints, else do the differential drop as well. Gorilla was the skid/front bar I was going with, but I think there're out of business. and are the forums that'll get you pointed in the right direction. American Adventurist is awesome, but not too many Subaru folks here, and the OP hasn't logged in in over five years.

HERE was my Outback.

Good luck!

[EDIT] I guess Gorilla is still around. HERE is a link to their front bar/skid I was going to get. Five years ago, when I was shopping, they only built them a couple of times a year, so check in with them for more information.
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