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OK People of the interwebs, my vintage motorcycle restore is to the point where I need a professional painter to do the key color bits (tank, and fenders). Rattle can is not good enough for this one.

So, does anyone know of a good (preferably CHEAP) painter that can knock out a tank and fender for me in Southern California? I am willing to help with prep work if they allow to save money, I used to help paint cars in high school, so I am pretty good with prep work (sanding, sanding, sanding, bondo, sanding, sanding, and then some more sanding)


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when I was in High School I did an ROP auto body class at Chino Highschool. I dont know if it is the same now, but it used to be that the students did all the prep work under supervision, then the paint was applied by the instructor. At that time the instructor was the guy painting the project cars for Super Chevy Magazine. You paid for the paint, and the labor was free. Might be something to look into

on a side note, I have your stuff and it will be mailed as soon as the truck is running and I dont have to bum a ride


I have a guy here in ontario.. Paul Smoot auto body. He does good work at reasonable prices. If you want contact info, pm me.
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