American Adventurist Supports the Adopt-a-Trail Program


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As stewards of the land, we are proud to support Adopt-a-Trail projects at the Federal, State and local level.


We encourage our members to seek out and partner with local agencies and businesses to maintain and repair OHV and hiking trails to ensure that they remain open for public access.

Access on public lands depends upon the efforts of volunteers and their partnership with agencies and businesses that care about the outdoors.

Together, we can help provide the maintenance needed to sustain recreational use by the public in the areas we all love.

All trails are different, but this is a list of the types of maintenance that can be required.
  • Removing logs, brush and boulders that encroach on the trail
  • Install, repair, and clean water bars or other drainage structures
  • Provide protection for stream crossings, meadows, and wet areas
  • Maintain trail to the designated rating
  • Remove traces of any use that occurs off the designated trail
  • Remove litter and any foreign items from trail
  • Install, maintain, and replace trail markers
  • Install, maintain, and replace signs and bulletin boards as needed


Senior Staff
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Last minute reminder, the next Adopt A Trail meeting is this Wednesday, June 20th at Corona Sizzler.

Dinner 6-7. Meeting 7-9.

1461 Rimpau Ave, Corona, CA 92879

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