2020 Toyota Tundra Crewmax build, "The Grey Menace"

Will a little bit of good news today my addictive desert design rear bumper came in today. I must say it was packaged up very nicely, delivered to my house on a pallet in a nice sturdy cardboard box with spray foam around the bumper to help protect it I must say they did a very very good job packaging it was very impressed. Now the real work starts more than likely Saturday I'll take off the old bumper and install the new bumper, next install the Baja design backup lights get everything all situated so shouldn't take very long to actually install the bumper. I did take a few pictures for ya. Also I call leer camper shells up in Temecula talk to the owner he research my order for my camper shell and he says it's on the truck that is supposed to be delivered next Tuesday or Monday which means I'll pick it up that weekend or possibly maybe mid-week which is very nice as it give me another week of doing things to the truck which is fine. So things are progressing very nice I can't complain the is truck coming along very nicely View attachment 53605 . rear.jpg rear1.jpg rear1.jpg rear3.jpg rear4.jpg rear5.jpg
Well just finished installing all the brackets bumper is mounted as my brother came over for the and helped with the last bit. Tomorrow will be the wiring the lights and sensors. So far I like the look! I did not have time to take a few pictures as is was dark but tomorrow when I finish I will.
Just a few more things to finish up 2 sensors left to install, license plate tidy up some wires. The trailer lights plug is hitting the spare tire that is why the plug is not connected yet it needs to be trimmed down in the back a bit. I tried to move the spare tire up as far as it will go and no dice no worries, I have a solution for the problem. And yes the bumper is as far back as it can go. So done for now. Oh I thought about wiring the ridged lights to the back up lights but no Bueno as the fuse for the Rigid lights were 15 amp compared to 7.5 amp for the back up lights. So I had to run a wire to the Spod no big deal just took longer than expected today. I have a few things coming up so will finish this weekend and tidy up the wires. B1.jpg b2.jpg B3.jpg
Well I picked up the Leer camper shell Tuesday just as soon as they opened up in the morning. Mine was the first shell out of the shop. They loaded it on my trailer and after careful inspection all was good and I was on my way back to Vista. Not to fear as my neighbor has a fork lift so when I came home Thursday after running around I asked to borrow it, and it was down for repairs. Of course he asked what for I told him and he said we can man handle the shell and a few minuets later is was on.
I already did the pre wires for the shell to the 3rd break light and camper shell interior light as well as I did that Wednesday. I was all set to bolt things down until I noticed a problem. The rail system that came with the truck had to be removed on both sides to bolt the shell in place. No big deal as I already came up with a way to extend the tie down brackets. I will save that for this weekend. After all is said and done I checked all the lighting... Something must of been very wrong! Things worked as should the first time! Not sure what happened but we are good! I am glad we are getting rain this weekend as it will give me a chance to check the roof rack for leaks. I had them install it at the factory because if it leaks it's on them.

Next is to go shopping for a cargo roof basket, been looking at a few just have to narrow it down to where it will fit my needs. Here are a few pictures, by the way the led lighting in the camper is ok not great but is ok for now. You might of noticed the back window is sticking out a bit? It just needs to be adjusted that's all. The shell comes with sliding side windows with screens. The front window behind the cab is a slide but the cool feature is it also hinged to where it folds down! Good stuff. The shell came with all the wiring needed as well with all of the mounting brackets. No more drilling into the truck bed which I really liked. The hole above to where the wire is going into the bed was for the track system. I used a existing hole for the wire, I just installed a grommet and it fit perfect and I just need to tie it back and secure it. camper 6.jpg camper2.jpg camper3.jpg camper5.jpg camper7.jpg capmer4.jpg as I see another mod.
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Ok readjusted the back window and now it fits nice and flush and snug. No leaks from the mild rain we had last night. All is good. Next looking into light strips, more that likely red / white. and ideas?
Just ordered the Thule XL Cargo basket for top of the camper shell. It's 53 " long should be plenty of space, if not I can add a additional 22 " if need be! Should be here is a few days.
Ok problem adverted with the rack tiedown system in the bed. I had some scrap steel about 3 feet. I cut 10 3.5" sections. The metal was already pre drilled all I had to do was use the chop saw cut the sections and deburr the metal 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of black paint and remount everything. You can see why I had to do this as the mounting brackets for the shell was in the way and the rack system would not fit behind it. Problem fixed. rack2.jpg rack.jpg
Ok readjusted the back window and now it fits nice and flush and snug. No leaks from the mild rain we had last night. All is good. Next looking into light strips, more that likely red / white. and ideas?
Yep, take a look at these. Hella Marine, IP67 rated, white/red, switch built into the light, 5 year warranty and made in New Zealand. Available on Amazon. Not inexpensive though.


lights 2.jpg lights 3.jpg

lights 14.jpg
Well the roof basket came yesterday. I managed to unbox it this morning and started the process of putting it together, seems pretty forward. Next I need to take a few measurements and get some of the brackets in place and leave them lose for final adjustments, I need to sand off some paint and weld an antenna mount on the front if the basket along with a grounding tab. Not sure if I want to mounts some lights on it or not. Need to brain storm this more carefully. basket1.jpg basket2.jpg
OK, time to get serious about mounting the shower enclosure. I did this with out the help of my son as of this post he is on his way to Japan for 6 months with the marines.

I removed the rails from the camper shell the other night and mounted them under the basket per specs. Re checked the measurements and snugged everything down. Now for the shower install. The rails on each side of the basket measured 14" plenty of space for where I wanted to mount the enclosure, about an inch back from the edge. Photos are not in any order.

I just did not want to mount the shower with 2 bolts so I came up with a bracket So I have a total of 6 bolts. First I laid the enclosure on the rails and got it centered. Next I needed make a template so I know where my bends were going to be. Thinking back to shop class we did lots of templates with a coat hanger. I am a big advocate of shop classes, they need to bring them back IMHO! So off to sneak a hanger out into the shop. I cut off the long section on the bottom why? Because it's straight and long. I slid the wire under the round rail and made my first bend, than the second bend. Easy, peasy, Japaneese. Sorry I borrowed that from Shak Shank Redemption.

After I was happy with the angles and the length, I got some 1/8" x 1" band steel took some more measurements and transferred them to the band steel, made my marks and placed the steel in the vice. Next I used a square to make sure is was plum and clamped it Jethro! Tight! There was just enough space for the coat hanger to slide into next the steel. I used a compound leverage wrench aka ball peen hammer and with a couple of wacks my first bend was done to equal the bend in the coat hanger. I rechecked to make sure I had a nice square bend yes! I repeated the process on the other end and bent that one as well. Need less to say I did the second one as well.

Next I took my finished creation over to the shower unit and checked the bends and placements. A few minor tweak's and we were looking pretty damn good. I rounded the edges and wired wheel the burrs off after I cut every thing to length. Marked 2 drill holed in both and deburred this holes as well.

Doubled checked one more time and we are go with throttle up! 2 coats of primer and 3 coats of black paint let dry.

After the paint was dry I marked and drilled into the cross bars all the way through. Bolted both in place and left lose just enough to wiggle a bit. I marked 4 holed on the shower enclosure box and drill those as well. So far so good. I did one more final check and bolted them all in place and tightened. Next is to paint the bolts black tomorrow and that project is done! ?Few pictures for ya basket1.jpg template.jpg finished2.jpg pat3.jpg vise square.jpg paint.jpg pat3.jpg
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Up date managed to weld a tab on the front of the roof basket for Comm antenna. I took as much paint off as needed to make a nice clean weld, used coats of primer and 2 coats of black, Picture to follow.
Ok as promised antenna mount in in the first picture. Real exciting stuff... 2nd picture is the stock light for the shell it's ok but I wanted it a bit brighter. So I went to super bright LED lights and bought 3 light strips, 2 white and 1 red. I really did not have a need to put a red light in the shell but I wanted one for when the camper shell door is open. Being they all have a ground wire I tied them all together and ran one wire to ground behind the taillight on the driver side. I had to run 2 separate hot from the switch. I used a central hot wire post fused in line of course to the switch and the rest is history. The green you see in one of the pictures it where the shell cables come together to unlock both sided of the shell. I will see if I can fine a picture of the central post I used for the hot wires. I used a red post not black as the picture shows. ant.jpg lgt1.jpg lgt2.jpg lgt3.jpg lgt4.jpg post.jpg
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Ok it's such a nice weekend and I really did not have much to do... I mounted the shower unit on the shell today. It's a bit taller than I liked but I did not want to mount it directly to the shell and quite possibly cause a leak. No big deal as I carry a small step stool in the trailer.

The last pictures is of a connector to the SPod. I like to trim the wires to make things look neat. With out thinking and a major brain fart when I wanted to get to the fuses under the Spod it was a pain in the butt. Now it's much easier to do! Just unplug the connector and you don't have to worry about your wires being to short to look at the underside lid to see what fuse goes where. Genus idea? yes and no Genus idea would of been leave the wires longer and tuck them out of site but you would of had a spaghetti of wires that did not look good. Genus as this was a great idea to a problem. shr1.jpg shr2.jpg shr3.jpg shr4.jpg shr5.jpg connector.jpg
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I’m not a fan of mounting it to the fuse box. Power trays makes some great mounting options. Nothing specific for the Tundra but you seem to be a handy person. I did use one of there trays for my sPOD but had a huge space underneath so I stole there thought process and fabed a tray for my NOCO battery charger.

7FFBCF97-FE6B-41DF-A56C-E4041A6163E7.jpeg 54C7A1A1-86D5-4552-9B98-461EE1A061D4.jpeg 223933CC-DD65-4ABF-B9FD-49B225122BEB.jpeg


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I did a project box for the Tacoma.

One time I had a solar charger mounted to the fuse box. Big mistake and a mistake not related to the fact that the solar charger shouldn't have been in that environment. There was two sets of positive and negative cables running to it. Opening the fuse box to change a fuse was a major chore.
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