2020 Overland Skills Weekend training dates [Virginia]


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I will be hosting four training events this year in central Virginia. I have partered with Ted Dinwiddie (@ted44) of Overland Experts for the technical recovery classes and John Fury of Fury Training Concepts (VA State Park Ranger, & HAM guru) for the radio and Wilderness First Aid Classes. I will be bringing my own background in both outdoor education and off-road/adventure travel experience to the table. These classes are hands-on and experientially driven, so class size is limited to 20 people.

Details can be found here and via the pictures below.

OSW 2020 Ad Pic - 1.jpg OSW 2020 Ad Pic - 2.jpg OSW 2020 Ad Pic - 3.jpg OSW 2020 Ad Pic - 4.jpg
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