2016 American Adventurist Event Schedule


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6 years of Rendezvous events and counting!

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SoCal Desert Rendezvous dates are 26-28 Feb 2016.

Expo West 20-22 May, Flagstaff, AZ.

36 Hours of Uwharrie, NC 11-14 Aug 2016.

SoCal Mountain Rendezvous dates are 26-28 Aug 2016.

Appalachian Rendezvous dates are 30 Sep-02 Oct 2016.

Expo East will be October 7-9, 2016. Location: Asheville, NC.


I'm planning to go to Expo East with my 9 year old. I would love to come out west, but with buying a log cabin, my funds are running on the lean side.
I look forward to more info on the Expo East.


Excited for these!! I'm gonna try to convince the wife to come to desert but we will have a 2 month old at that point.. Not real sure she's going want to deal with that in the desert.. But I can probably take the 3 year old..

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