1999 Subaru Forester Battlewagon

Hey folks! I am located in Shenandoah County, VA, right inside the National Forest. This wont be a super duper complicated, ultra kick arse, mega lifted/modded rig, but it will do what I ask it to. At the moment, I am looking to install some auxiliary lighting, some under armor, hood vents, and whatever else. She is to be more geared for backroad adventuring, long distance travel, and just some glamping in general.

I have so far, installed nothing but a full length roofrack.

I have removed the front pushbar thinger from the factory, and I will be placing some aux lighting there.


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Awesome, great to see some Subie guys joining the Adventurist Nation here - Welcome Aboard!
Dave, thanks for the invite!

Dragon, they will be coming, especially this winter! I am a winter fella. I also need to replace my heater fan, since it blew out.

Thanks for the welcome!
Today I hit the hardware store for some mounting shtuff. Hopefully by tomorrow evening I will have more forward light!

Machine, it is good to be here! You know, I never put two and two together on ExPo, and SubaruForester until I saw your post here.
Herbie, thanks!

I had to wrench into the dark, but I managed to mount the lights. They were bolted into the plastic, so I have no idea for how long this solution will endure. They are not wired, as that will be a Saturday evolution. The lights are Peterson M503HT's http://www.pmlights.com/products.cfm?cId=3&fId=11&pId=1529 Bought for 12 bucks a pop. If they work, and I enjoy the extra lighting, then I can eventually upgrade.
In the future I suppose I can rip the stock bumper off and install a better one.
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Thanks Proven! While I miss how rugged my truck was, and how stupid I could be in it. I much prefer the nimble, and more comfortable ride of this little bugger. Tomorrow I may take the leap and hook those lights up to some power.
The In-Laws were awesome enough to donate some much needed seasoned wood for the winter. This should heat the house for about a week! This is the first 'over'loaded trip with the Curt extension piece. It did admirable. This trip is also the first time the Rage PowerSports roof racks we loaded. I need to wire those lights up, the extra lights on our dirt road would have been nice.

Today we received some 2-3 inches of powdered snow. You know, the kind that turns to packed ice? Well, I has AS tires right now, due to a few nails in the sidewalls of my old AW(baby AT) tires. What a world of friggin difference! Most certainly started to save for some Geolanders in the stock size for this car. Anyone have good experience with em?


I have 245/70-16 Geolanders on my van, and I like them very much, so far. My other 4WD Astro buddy from the PNW has also done a LOT with them.


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I'm glad to see your Subaru on the forum too, they are defiantly built for adventure. I've always wanted one. The roof rack looks like it will hold up, good test. :D


I know it's probably not the same, but I run geolander a t-s in a 315/70/17 size on my fullsize dodge, and last week was thier first snow test, and I was so impressed on how well they did in the snow.
I'm glad to see your Subaru on the forum too, they are defiantly built for adventure. I've always wanted one. The roof rack looks like it will hold up, good test. :D
I consider them a trailhead war wagon. They will haul all of your supplies just far enough, so that you can get some kickarse camping/biking/floating in. They sure wont take you off of a super duper remote path, but close enough!

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Scott, Herbie. I have yet to really hear anything bad about them, except for people who live in ultra-muddy locales, or who have dedicated rock/swamp rigs. I mean, anything but these slickers should do me well, but those Geolanders are the only AT tire that I can find in 215/60-16! I have personally seen a few Astros putzing around with them on, and thought it made the Astros look sweet. I almost bought a pair of them for my frontier, but went with cooper something or others. I really want to see how they look all beefed up!
No real updates... Lights are still not wired, and I downgraded to AS tires. I hate AS tires, and will never buy a set again! I have some wee curtains in the works for all of the windows, and a screen I can install in one of the windows, so that I can leave a window open when sleeping inside. I will also be looking into fidgeting with the rack mounting, to try and see if I can lower it a bit, and to replace the fairing with a small solar panel, and to install a dual battery up front in its simplest forms.
I have been putting together the March hitlist for things I want done to the warwagon. It includes buying an awning, removing my fog lights, and attempting to use that wiring for the aux lights I have. The tires on now, will have to stay until just before next winter. The awning I have chosen, will be from Bus Depot, because they have optional sides, and require nothing but a few straps to hook up to my rack, and then a cot to have my very own 8x8 luxury glamp hut. Shipped to my door ought to be 167 buckaroos with the wheel kits. That is well below my 200 dollar mark for the start of a glamer hut. http://www.busdepot.com/A7905B
The manufacturer for that tarp thinger E-mailed back quicker than I expected. He politely informed me that my Roo is shorter than VW buses and such. So the search is back on. I have found myself an alternative cot tent to Kamp-Rite, since I am not a fan of imported good too often. The price is even further less than the awning I was looking at, and far less than that of Kamp-Rite. Obviously I will be going for the 'new' one with the little built in awning. http://www.venturacampsystems.com/purchase.html
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