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    The Grey Mouser: Reboot

    Go get some Raptor Lights and "DO IT FOR THE GRAM!"
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    2019 Colorado ZR2

    Well, it isn't exactly a mod, but I just got my truck back after almost a week in the shop. I was the lucky winner of a broken heater core. Sunday afternoon the windows began to fog up and that sweet, syrupy smell of anti-freeze started to come through. By Tuesday it looked like I'd been engaged...
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    "Uno" the 2015 Tacoma

    Those sliders look good.
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    New Years Supper

    I can get behind what Col. Potter says about most things. Here's to happier days ahead. That's some pretty serious looking dinner and smoking setup you have there. Not a bad way to ease into 2021. New Year's traditions die hard for me, and I've had this for NYD dinner as long as I can remember.
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    Group Buy: American Adventurist Edition - Last US Bag

    I just got home from a quick jaunt down to Florida, and it was waiting on my front porch last night. Here are a few pics I snapped in between rain showers today. Thanks @Dave for putting this together.
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    Graphic Arts

    That is a good looking Scout. I have a Student/Educator version of Affinity Designer that I think I paid $50 for years ago and I keep getting the free upgrades through the Apple App Store on my Macbook, so I'm not complaining. I also have an educator subscriptrion for Adobe via my work email...
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    2019 Colorado ZR2

    The jerry can holder was a free option when configuring the tire carrier, so I had them throw it in. It's no real loss if I don't end up using it. I have the LCI military water cans and I like them because I have a 12v submersible pump & rv faucet on one of the caps for running water. All...
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    2019 Colorado ZR2

    In mid-July I ordered a rear bumper and tire carrier from Relentless Fabrication. They had a 16-20 week lead time because of reduced shifts. The week before Thanksgiving it shipped, and arrived at my house the Monday before Thanksgiving. Well, I spent much of that week running the household...
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    Jimmie’s 2020 Gladiator JT: Smokey

    I appreciate it. That's good info. Thanks.
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    Jimmie’s 2020 Gladiator JT: Smokey

    What are your thoughts on the GMRS you have? I'm probably going that route early next month.
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    2018 Taco TRD Offroad

    Geez. That was a short life for your solar controller. I guess Victron expects they'll be mounted on the interior of an RV.
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    2018 Lexus GX build

    The line that light creates looks like it should be pretty close to the cut line for the high clearance bumper. I think it'll look more natural and less like it was chopped.
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    2018 Lexus GX build

    5-7 weeks? Dang, that's easy. I'm on week 18 of waiting on my rear bumper from Relentless Fab, but I just received notice it shipped. I may get it sometime late this week or next week. Edit to add: That is a good looking bumper, though.
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    Meet SHERPAH, my Gladiator build...

    Dang! That Alu-Cab cap with the cupboard is what I want for my truck so bad I can taste it. Mine came with a Leer cap and it's decent, but that Alu-Cab cap is the business. Pair it up with my cargo glide and I'd be over the moon.
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    Dust lights

    I have an led work light on a paint extension pole from when I had a Jeep. I bought one that had a metal tip, attached the work light to that, added a couple quick fists to my tire carrier and I was in business. It was simple, cheap, and effective. If you are a welder it would be even easier to...
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