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    Group Buy: American Adventurist Edition - Last US Bag

    Got mine too! Thanks so much @Dave for managing this. Will post a photo here soon.
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    Graphic Arts

    This, with the text from the waterfall version, and the logo moved to front chest pocket location. These are great Dave, keep ‘em coming.
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    Jimmie’s 2020 Gladiator JT: Smokey

    So far I like it. I get the surf report every morning because the NOAA channel is about 99% of my use case. Most of the trail groups here in SoCal have switched over from CB to GMRS so it’s practical for joining on runs down here and why I switched. Also it works great with cheap FRS handhelds...
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    Jimmie’s 2020 Gladiator JT: Smokey

    Fall has passed quickly and I’ve done a lot on the truck. I’m still on hold for installing a lift. I’m waiting on the local Jeep dealer to perform a steering box swap for loose steering, an issue with some 2020 Gladiators. In the interim, I’ve started loading out the truck. Here is how it sits...
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    Jimmie’s 2020 Gladiator JT: Smokey

    I kept my last Jeep stock for 3 years. Different approach for 2020. Suspension ordered. Going with AEV for the triple rated springs, the simplicity of the set up, and the attention to detail that AEV puts in to the design and testing of these components. Looking forward to trying out the AEV...
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    For Sale - JKU Parts: Goose Gear Seat Delete, Roam Vagabond RTT

    Updated prices: Goose Gear 60/40 Seat Delete - for 2015-2018 JKU - now $500 Titan Tanks Trail Trekker2 External Gas Tank - now $200
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    SOLD - Smittybilt X20 10K GEN2 Winch & Factor 55 FlatLink (Local SoCal sale only)

    For Sale, Smittybilt X20 10,000 pound winch. This is the Gen2. Waterproof IP68. This winch was purchased in April 2019 and has seen very light duty. It is in great condition. Includes all parts pictured and installation instructions. Also included is a Factor55 FlatLink that replaces the...
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    Jimmie’s 2020 Gladiator JT: Smokey

    Installed an ARB twin compressor under the passenger seat today. I’m not going to rehash the install or wiring as Dave provides some great posts on this in the threads for both his JT and JL. But I do have some observations with photos below. First, the Innovative JK Products under seat bracket...
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    Dave's Jeep JT Gladiator: The 'Gator

    I spent about 30 minutes fighting with the floor mat on my install with same bracket before I came back here and zoomed in to see you trimmed the front edge of the floor mat. ‍:wow Innovative JK Products should mention that in the instructions. Helpful post.
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    Portable power in an open bed

    I’ve been bouncing around the idea of how to power a bed mounted fridge with a portable power source, if the bed is not enclosed in a cab or shell. I’m hoping to get feedback here from those who know better as this is all new to me. For my setup I’m installing a Leitner rack in the bed of my...
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    Jimmie’s 2020 Gladiator JT: Smokey

    New paws. BFG KO2s 315/70/17 load range E, mounted on AEV Savegre II wheels specific for the JT. I ran KO2+AEV on my JKU and was really happy with the tire performance and the offset on the wheels that keeps them tucked in. Right now suspension is still stock. I’m going to add some weight up...
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    Jimmie’s 2020 Gladiator JT: Smokey

    Installed front and rear Rokblokz Quick Release Mud Flaps over the weekend. First impressions are that they have some flex but will deflect a sizeable stone and most of the mud. My hope is they save the paint on the door hinges for as long as I run the stock Rubicon rock rails. The installation...
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    Dave's Jeep JT Gladiator: The 'Gator

    Dave, how did you do the custom labels for your HD controller?
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    Jimmie’s 2020 Gladiator JT: Smokey

    Smokey Bear is always preaching smart fire safety. I’ve seen vehicle fires driving down the freeway here in LA, I’ve seen campers use poor judgement, and many of us are carrying external fuel, propane and a host of other combustibles, well it’s crazy not to have a contingency plan. So the first...
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