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    Dave's Jeep JT Gladiator: The 'Gator

    Those storage bags are pretty slick!
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    Short Winter Trip 2020 - A Socal Desert Winter

    Looks like a great trip! OT: Who has the white gladiator? I am super interested in the little flap/wing in front of the roof vent? Is that to keep branches off or for wind? My roof is a super low pressure zone and always tugging up on the fan....
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    Otto - The Tundra

    Great time with some old friends for NYE. Little slidy slidy, little winchy winchy, friends are good to have. Thanks to me @wataco for the pull.
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    Pull Kitchen

    In all honesty I am not sure you could do it for less than 200lbs with a similar design (and features). The slides that big and long are ~30lbs each. And I would also guess their 200lb is just a guess....
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    Graphic Arts

    I don't do any graphics work..... But I like IH representation!
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    Otto - The Tundra

    Opened in the driveway this afternoon Clears ok. Any further back and the canopy door hits it. Tundra vs taco..... I like the size of the taco, hate the engine! Tundra won out. It's big, but it's comfy and I don't wheel hard much anymore. I really want the Kinsman awning, but I won't work...
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    Otto - The Tundra

    My OCD kicked in..... I have done everything I can to keep height down. I realized I could have mounted the awning mounts to the bottom of my cross bars.... That drops me 1.25" Now the hard part, I had to get the awning mounts lined up perfectly, the lower bolt goes inside the crossbar...
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    Otto - The Tundra

    Looking forward to it! Just have to prep now since we won't be back before the 31st! Juat realized I never did my oba mounts.... It's in the way of my water jug....
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    Otto - The Tundra

    Going on a New Years trip with some buddies.... Was going to take the big truck, but Dunes+Big truck sounds like trouble.... So I have two days to get the tundra ready for winter camping.... Yikes. Need to get awning on, re mount the bumper lower.... BMC probably wont get done since my dad stole...
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    JK traction control issue

    I don't think its a suspension issue. I am not a jeep guy, but I would be looking at yaw type sensors?
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    Otto - The Tundra

    I'll admit.... I didn't try these on yet..... But I always say add a couple rubber bungees to each side! Makes a huge difference IMO Really need BMC done too for front chains. No dice now....
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    Meet SHERPAH, my Gladiator build...

    That is a nice small head on the radio. I will add it to the watch for cheap used one list.... I have the Icom 208H in the 4runner I might steal, but we will see. Same idea of the small remote head.
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    2018 Lexus GX build

    Lights look like they land right above the cut line? If not pretty damn close....
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    Otto - The Tundra

    Lets go anyway! I need to get out more.
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    Otto - The Tundra

    Well here we go! Bumper is back from powdercoat. Service position. Note the grill is supposed to be put back on before bumper goes on..... I didn't.... Comeup 12.5rs and fog lights installed. Bumper on! Reinforcement brackets that bolt into the stock tow points. IMO good not to just rely...
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