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    The Star Wars Thread

    Ahsoka is a main character in the Clone Wars animated series. Anakin's Padawan. The new series could be great.
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    The Random Dose of FUNNY Thread

    That’s pretty much mosquitoes in Minnesota/Boundry Waters.
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    Samsung tablet for Gaia or with any offroad app's?

    Same tab. With the protective case I have had a hard time finding a decent yet inexpensive mount. Most are either sized too large for bigger tabs or too small due to the case. May just have to bite the bullet with a Ram.
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    31st MEU VMM 262 REIN

    Armorer. Never went on a float because I got stationed with tanks and only a platoon floated at a time but it took a company to get one of me.
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    31st MEU VMM 262 REIN

    Get some! My cousin and I enlisted at the same time and he went wing. He stayed in and may have crossed paths.
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    The First Aid Kit Thread

    Yes'r! Expiration dates and sneaky disappearing items. I keep a few popup flares by mine too. Kind of ignored the expiration dates but replaced recently when I realized how old they were now. Went to shoot off the old ones and every single one was a dud, and the few I tested when new worked...
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    Help me win an argument on why NOT to use a chain for vehicle recovery.

    Last chain extraction I was involved in resulted in a peened roof after it snapped and went sailing onto the top of the mired vehicle. Turns out the owner of the chain had used a quick link in the middle. These look fun:
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    Trailer hitch pin rigging?

    A hitch pin is $4-7, and purpose built and endorsed recovery gear is much, much more. Anyone who is endorsed (the experts) will not support it’s use, and anyone who does will be ridiculed. -Cynic I don’t believe there is anyway it is the best tool for the job, but would use it and not be...
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    Crap! Ice Storm

    Watch the roads. Ice doesn’t play.
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    Freeze Dried Food Companies

    The Bisquits and Gravy is a very good substitute for the real thing. Bring some Tabasco packets from Chick-fil-A too if backpacking.
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    The First Aid Kit Thread

    Refit the basic kit into a Blue Ridge pouch that fits the tailgate compartment. The other two pouches are OTC and adhesive bandages
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    Our 2020 Event Schedule

    Happy New Year.
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    The Random Thoughts Thread

    This is needed. Look at the exploding fuel cans under overpasses in cities, and backups of exploding cans at the VA. Don't forget about the disparity in imported fuel cans versus our stagnant fuel can industries.
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