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    Folding soft solar panels 100w?

    I'm looking @ leaning towards the AcoPower 105W soft folding solar panel. weight: 7.9 Lbs efficiency: 21.6% Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc): 21V Maximum Operating Voltage (Vmp): 18V Short-Circuit Current (Isc): 6.1A Module Type: 3×35W Panels Folded size: 22×15.7×0.8 in Unfolded size: 55.3×22×0.2 in...
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    "Horderves/Appetizers" for Camp.

    you seen a Blooming Onion how about a "BBQ Blooming Bologna". Done this Sweet Swine O Mine Red Box BBQ Smoker, took a Bar S chub of bologna cut about 6" off the 1\2 chub, made some slices over 2\3rd's deep in a cross hatch pattern. Seasoned twice with my Solely Misbehavin' Memphis Style BBQ Rub...
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    supper this evening

    decided to fire up the PK Grill & throw on seasoned rib eye to make some Steak Taco's. This gave me a chance to try the changes on my BBQ Beef Rub I've been working on. This rub has some bold cowboy style flavors : 2 different South American Chili Powders, Black Rifle Coffee "Freedom Fuel"...
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    Folding soft solar panels 100w?

    wow! you ain't kid'n they are on the pricy side.
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    Folding soft solar panels 100w?

    I currently have a hard folding suit case style 100w solar panel by Renogy, I like but it's bulky. I've been doing some research on folding soft 100w solar panels that are 3rd of the weight & smaller in size. I like to find a good quality one w\o charge controller & has MC4 connectors. Some of...
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    your closer to Ozark National Forest than Quachita National Forest. If you went to Ozark National Forest & get off 164 theirs Horsehead lake & or Horsehead Lake Recreation Area. My map shows Forest road 4100 to 3198 aka 283. to both areas. Sally & I never adventure that far west to the state...
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    New Project Trailer

    alittle more changes to the Range Runner. I changed out the door latches so they all would be key'd alike. The original door latches Runaway uses on their trailers with multiple door the door latches are key'd differently. Plus their door latches by Bauer are plastic mostly. The new door...
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    a project i've been working on

    BBQ's is been a passion for me for long time. I got into making my own rubs which some have taken several years to perfect. My wife suggested I should come up with my own line & market it. So getting all the legal matters together, which was a chore in it's self, & the name. Today I got my 2nd...
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    Desert Turtle - M1010 Build

    I like my Proplex H2000 low amp draw & low propane consumption
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    25 years

    It was our 25 yr wedding anniversary today. For supper I grilled Rib Eye's with sauteed mushrooms in butter & white wine & fried yukon gold potatoes. That PK Grill the Original is a steak cook'n machine. The grill gate temperature was 648 degrees with Royal Oak Lump. Cooked them about 4 1\2...
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    Finally getting to do some exploring & camping

    We have lots of favorite places to go Scott. The National Forest in Arkansas is so vast & huge it's hard to focus on areas that are better than others. What direction you are coming in from? Ouachita National Forest is the largest & has the most majestic peaks with panoramic views like...
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    Finally getting to do some exploring & camping

    I have it the way we want it. I can not think of any thing else for it.
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    Finally getting to do some exploring & camping

    We are finally able to get out & explore & camp. March 25th thru 29th heading for the Ozarks "National Forest" between this Covid thingie, cold weather, home construction projects finished. Now it's time to head out. There’s some new spots to camp after the logging is done. Yesterday I pulled...
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